High Availability BPM Heartbeat Monitors using SiteScope

Applies to:

BSM 9.x
SiteScope 11.x

Additional Info:

  • <Text> indicates a variable, substitute a value for the noted variable.
  • For clarity, I am recommending monitor names. This can be changed to match your SiS Naming convention.


Requirement exist where the BPM communication to BSM should be monitored. 


  1. Create a SiS Group for Each BPM and name it:
    (Note: The URL monitors and the Composite monitor will be added to this group.)
  2. URL Monitor setting: The URL Monitors will be configured to monitor the JMX-Console BPM SH Monitor services and invokeAllLPTBPMMonitors, one URL monitors should be configured for each GW Server. The below steps will be given for Two GW Servers, however the process can be adjusted for more. It is recommended not to configure Alerting for the URL monitors, alerting will be configured through the composite monitor later.
    1. Name the URL monitors:
      Heartbeat-<GW SERVER1 Name>
      Heartbeat-<GW SERVER2 Name>
    2. URL:
      1. Heartbeat-<GW SERVER1 Name>:
        http(s)://<GW SERVER1-FQDN>:<Port>/jmx-console/HtmlAdaptor?action=invokeOpByName&name=Topaz%3Aservice%3DBPM+SH+Monitor&methodName=invokeAllLptBpmMonitors
      2. Heartbeat-<GW SERVER2 Name>:
        http(s)://<GW SERVER2-FQDN>:<Port>/jmx-console/HtmlAdaptor?action=invokeOpByName&name=Topaz%3Aservice%3DBPM+SH+Monitor&methodName=invokeAllLptBpmMonitors
    1. Match Content:
      /(Monitor monitorStatus="GOOD" name="LPT From <BPMName>)/
    2. Match Content for error:
      /(Monitor monitorStatus="ERROR" name="LPT From <BPMName>)/
  1. The Composite monitor will be comprised of the two URL JMX-Console monitors.  This is to monitor the two GW servers as a High Availability Environment.  Alerting will need to be configured for the Composite monitor and will only alert if the BPM is not communicating with both GW servers.  The monitor should be configured with the following settings:
    1. Name the Composite Monitor something like:
    2. Items:
      <BPMName>(<BPMIPAddress>): Heartbeat-<GW SERVER1 Name>
      <BPMName>(<BPMIPAddress>): Heartbeat-<GW SERVER2 Name>
    3. Run Monitors:  Verify Checked
    4. Dependencies (optional): 
      If you already have a GW SERVER Composite monitor, you can point this dependency to it. That way if both GW Servers go down you will not be flooded with BPM alerts.
    5. Threshold Settings-Error If:
      % items in error == 100
    6. Configure your normal alerting for this monitor.
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