Troubleshooting Communication Issues with the HP Citrix Client

Citrix Server Configuration to Allow the Citrix Agent to Communicate with Citrix Client

Do not leave disconnected Citrix sessions on the Citrix server – terminate them after a short timeout interval instead.  Ask your Citrix administrators to confirm that the Citrix ICA sessions are configured to not remain alive on the Citrix servers if they are disconnected, rather, that they configure the sessions such that they are “terminated” (exited) when the session disconnects, either intentionally or by network failure, etc.

Set the disconnect timeout such that the sessions are terminated after a minimum amount of time rather than kept alive for minutes; the shorter the better.  Following the above will help insure your Citrix load test starts with a new Citrix session each time, and that you are not re-connecting to a disconnected session, where the state of the application is in whatever previous state it was when it was disconnected, (as it is nearly impossible to synchronize back to a disconnected session – it will most likely fail).

Multiple sessions per user/client -- ensure if you are going to run more than one Citrix VUser on a generator (which is usually the case) that your Citrix administrators have not restricted the Citrix server to restrict each user to have only one Citrix session available.  A simple test for this is to launch the application outside of VuGen a second and third time, to confirm it is possible.


Additional Citrix Server Settings for Advanced Troubleshooting of the Citrix Agent

Recommended Actions:

· In the Citrix Server if there is an End Point Protection software please include an exception that allow the run of the files located in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Agent for Citrix Server 64\

o If the error persists it will be necessary to reinstall the Citrix Agent on all of the Citrix Servers that are part of the environment

· Check that the TextTrapping driver is installed properly:

o Start SysInternal Process explorer

o Select "System" in the process tree

o Set the lower pane to show DLLs and ensure paldrv is present there

· Open CMD shell:

o Check the output of the following command: sc query paldrv to see if the driver handling the service is running

o If there is no paldrv under System process or the state of the service is different from "RUNNING" install the driver again by running the utility nt_tr.exe which is present in the Agent installation folder /bin

· If the Citrix Agent is not required for recording it is possible to disable the Citrix Agent in the recording options

o The Citrix Agent will not open the channel for communication just because it will not exist in the session

· Make sure you have permissions over the C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Agent for Citrix Server\ folder

· Check that the TCPChannel is set to 0 on the Vugen machine (default.cfg) and Citrix Agent (CitrixAgent.ini)


Citrix Agent Debug Logging Configuration 

Please follow the below steps to generate the logs for Citrix Agent:

· Go to the <Citrix Agent>\bin directory

· Edit the CtrxAgent.ini file

· Add the key DebugEnabled=1 under the [General] section

· Save it and close the CtrxAgent.ini file

· Restart the Citrix Agent Service

· The logs will be generated inside the Citrix Agent \bin directory or under user's temporary directory depending on the user's permission


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