Performance Center Install Exception

Applies to:

Performance Center 9.5+


I am facing an issue with my PC 9.5 install. The install for the performance center servers was completed successfully. When I login to the Admin Site (using Admin, Admin) the exception below is generated.

"As a security measure the system automatically logs out inactive sessions".

I looked at the recommendation provided by HB knowledge base document KM771583, but the setting recommended were already in place.


The only know resolution for this issue is to uninstall and reinstall IIS.

During the re-install of IIS the defaults should not be accepted. In the Windows Components under Application Server, Internet Information Server, World Wide Web service they should manually select all options and let IIS be fully installed.

Once IIS is reinstalled, they need to either a) perform the install from the media and choose Repair. If once that is complete they do not see the admin site or the AdminAppPool in IIS config, they will need to Uninstall completely, then reinstall, choose custom install and make sure that all of the server components are going to be installed.

They will need to re-run the intialfs process and point to their database and file server. This will also try to create the necessary IIS configurations. They will get a message that the database already exists. Continue and once the install is complete check the IIS configuration screen again. If the AdminAppPool is created and the Admin Web Site is created with 4 virtual directories (they show up with a globe next to them and a path to a location) then it will seem that it was installed successfully. If you don’t see that then we will need to try to manually create them again.


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