Recover Deleted Test Set

Applies to:

QC 10


A Test Set was accidentally deleted.  Is there a way to recover this?  If so, can we only roll back certain tables (ie the TESTCYCLE table)?


you would manually re-create the test set from the info in the CYCLE table to get the cycle ID, the TESTCYCLE table to get the test ID’s that were in the test set, then go to the TEST table to find the test by name given the Test IDs.

Attachments are listed in the CROS_REF table according to the entity type. If the test set or test runs have IDs in this table, you hopefully can find them still in the repository (not sure if they get deleted).

In the repository, attachments are named similar to:


Where XX is the bug ID and the name should describe where it was attached..

The AUDIT_LOG table will also show you what was deleted by their entity IDs (AU_ENTITY_ID). 

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