Apache. Parsing error, cannot find token: [MsgId: MMSG-47479]

Applies to:
PC 11.x

PC 12.x


Users receive the below error in PC.

Monitor name :Apache. Parsing error, cannot find token: BusyServers. Measurement: BusyServers|(servername).
Hints: 1) Such a measurement does not exist, or the html page may be different from the supported one.
2) Try to replace the Apache.cfg with appropriate Apache_<version>.cfg file in <Installation>\dat\monitors
and rerun the application (entry point: CApacheMeasurement::NewData). [MsgId: MMSG-47479]

Go to <Installation Directory>\dat\monitors and perform these changes:

Two steps to change to Apache 2.x config:
1. Rename apache.cfg to apache-default.cfg
2. Rename apache-2.0.x.cfg to apache.cfg

Additional Info:
These files need to be changed on the Controller Host and also on the PC machines.  If you do not change them on the PC, the monitor will try to use the old .cfg file and you will not get the metrics you are looking for.

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