SiteScope 11.24 Topology not syncing to BSM 9.25

Applies to:
BSM 9.25

SiteScope 11.24


The SiteScope server (11.24) isn’t syncing topology to BSM (9.25).
The SiteScope server doesn’t show up in the System Monitors but other SiS servers do.
Soft/hard sync were completed as well as deleting the c:\sitescope\discovery\hsqldb files and restarting SiteScope.
There are also sync errors in the BAC integration log.

The impact is; unable to create models/views using CIs from this SiteScope server.


Performing the following steps should resolve the issue.

1. Copy the all the .bin files that are located in C:\Sitescope\cache\topologyresultsdata\merged to a temp directory and then delete the originals.

2. Test and see if the topology issue is resolved.

Additional Info:

In the scenario above, we did not want to lose any historical data so we performed the above steps to resolve this issue.

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