Create Custom Lists in ALM 11.0

Applies to

QC 10.0 and ALM 11.0

Issue Summary

There are many cases in which an end-user or site admin would create custom lists during the initial setup of ALM/QC.  These lists can be applied to any module and be made a mandatory field when creating new entities.


User must have admin rights to customize any portion of ALM/QC.


Create New List

  1. Log in to ALM/QC
  2. Click Tools->Customize
  3. Click “Project Lists” in the left Navigation Pane
  4. Click “New List”
  5. Give your new list a name, click “OK”
  6. In the right pane, click New Item
  7. Give your new item a name, click “OK”
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until you have your list completed

Associate new list with Project Entity

  1. Click “Project Entities” in the left Navigation Pane
  2. Expand the Project Entities Tree and find the entity you wish to associate this a new field
  3. Click “User Fields” in the center pane
  4. Click “+New Field”
  5. In the label field, enter a unique name that end-users will see.
  6. Change Type to “Lookup List”
  7. In the Lookup List pane, select the list you created in the previous set of steps.
  8. If you wish to make this a required field, select the “Required” checkbox
  9. Click Save located above the center pane.
  10. Click “Return” in the upper right corner of the screen


Navigate to the appropriate module and verify list customization has been applied appropriately. 

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