SiteScope 11.11 patch uninstall bug

There's a bug with uninstalling SiteScope patch 11.11. It doesn't uninstall completely. SiteScope will error on the 11.10 uninstall with a message that 11.11 is still installed. The solution is to manually modify one file.
This is important because in order to upgrade to 11.20 from 11.11 or 11.12 you have to completely uninstall SiteScope 11.10.


1. Before uninstalling 11.12, stop the SiteScope service then export all the settings & logs with Configuration Tool.

2. Uninstall 11.12 patch: <SiS_Home>\uninstall\patch\setup.exe

3. Uninstall 11.11 patch:  Do both steps...a) Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs  b) If this uninstall file still exists run <SiS_Home>\uninstall\patch\setup.exe

4. Before uninstalling 11.10, edit <SiteScope>\installation\dat\product.xml file to replace all "11.11" to become "11.10", then proceed to uninstall 11.10.

(Optional recovery steps)

5. Re-install 11.10

6. Re-install 11.12 directly, by skipping 11.11

7. Re-import the saved previous configuration of 11.12.

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