SiteScope Hack for MyBSM

You must have a view that includes the sitescope monitors, related to a node or otherwise. You have to click on the monitor itself to make the SiS components work together with the View/Model explorer, not the parent node. NOTE: You can't actually use SiteScope manually in the portlet for some reason undiscovered. I redid a view using a pattern view to show all nodes with SiteScope monitors, folded the monitors under the nodes. 

1. Find a SiteScope event in the Event Perspective, go to Source Info and then cut and paste the SiteScope URL into your favorite notepad.

2. Create a new MyBSM component. 

  • Add the first part of the main path of the SiteScope URL up to /servlet/Main. 
  • Go to wiring content and add with the green plus sign, a CIChange wiring context. 
  • Add the activeid parameter, and manually put in the attribute <<internal_name>>. 
  • Cut and paste the rest of the URL AFTER activeid into the next box down. DON'T enter the rest of the variables. The shortcut is to enter the rest and save it as it will parse the rest of the variables for you. 
  • Save your component. 

3. Create a new page and add the View Explorer component and your new component as in the screenshot below.

4. Check the wiring of your view to ensure the box is checked for CIChange from the view explorer to your new component. 

5. Save and test it out by going to a node, expanding the node to see the monitors, and then clicking on the monitor. 















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