Disable Instrumentation (Java)

When disabling the Java probe there is another method that can be used when the JVM command line, Websphere console, etc... are not accessible. In this case the probe is still running in the background but all of the instrumentation has been disabled.

Steps to "disable" the probe:
1.       Log on to the server where the probe is installed.
2.       Navigate to the <probe_install_dir>/etc directory.
3.       Backup auto_detect.points file along with any other .points file from the /etc directory. These .points files will be needed later to re-enable the probe.
4.       Replace auto_detect.points file and all other .points files in the /etc directory with empty files of the same file name.
5.       Restart the JVM/ app server.

This method really doesn't disable the probe; it is bootstrapped and the hard buffers are allocated and the buffer management threads are allocated. In addition, the profiler can be turned on and it still sends register call and heartbeats to the Mediator. Blanking out the points files does NOT disable the collection of JVM / JMX metrics. It only disables the data derived from instrumentation.

This method is a good way to "fake it", because all of the instrumentation is removed so the buffers are not filled and the threads are idle.

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