Collect TV Events Without BSM/ Analyzer

This will allow you to capture events directly to a .jar file without the need for BSM/ TV Analyzer:

1) run setupmodule as usual. ( you leave all default setting as is)

2) place the attached fake_tv_config_msg.txt file to any directory that can be access by program you want to monitor (e.g. c:\). you don't have to modify this file.

3) enable probe/tv-agent as usual.

4) add the following JVM property when you start the jvm. The value of the property points to the fake_tv_config_msg.txt file

                -Dtvagent.sysprop.fake.configuration=[PATH TO FILE]/fake_tv_config_msg.txt

5) after jvm starts, use the following url to start collecting events


6) when you are done, use the following url to stop the collection

                http:// your-probe-host:35000/inst/tvAgentProxy?handler=eventTrack&stop

7) you should see a jar file similar to the attached file (_1310652547063.jar) under TransactionVisionAgent/log directory

This jar file contains all the events - but only from the specific JVM that was instrumented. Because this jar capture is happening at the agent and not at the Analyzer, there will not be any events from any of the other TV agents in your deployment, in these event jars.

8) use jar or other utility to open the jar file, you will see all the events.

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