dotNet remoting.points over instrumentation

There is an instrumentation point in remoting.points that has the potential to create a lot of excess instrumentation if it is uncommented. Verify that this point is not turned on unless you explicitly know what you are doing. It appears that in Diagnostics 9.x this point may be uncommented in remoting.points by default.



;NOTE: This is intended to be a shortcut to quickly seeing useful data for demonstration purposes only.

;      As such it will (highly) over instrument applications beyond what is recommended for normal use cases.

;      Comment this section back out after the other instrumentation has been refined before load testing and/or production use.


;class       = !.*

;ignoreClass = !System.*, !Microsoft.*, !MS.*, !ASP.*, !_ASP.*, !RegexFactory.*, !RegexRunner.*, !^$, !^<CppImplementationDetails>.*, !^<CrtImplementationDetails>.*, !^<PrivateImplementationDetails>.*, !^Bid.*, !^SNI.*, SqlDependencyProcessDispatcher, NativeOledbWrapper

;layer       = $(namespace)

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