Two Diagnostics Commanders on the same host

This is legacy info relevant for 7.5 and earlier. 8.0 nanny process config has changed - you'll likely have to edit directly. According to HP, the preferred route is one Commander for both QA and prod except in cases where traffic necessitates more hardware and separate installations.


Scenario is that you want a separate commander for QA and one for production. Potentially can use a single commander, but sometimes it's nice to separate prod and QA and you may have limited access to hardware:

1. Install Diagnostics server #1 (aka "Server1")
2. Stop the Diagnostics service from the Services Control Panel (Since creating a new "nanny" file will cause a new server to boot up automatically)
3. Copy/Paste all of Server 1's files into a new directory, called "Server2"
4. In Server1, create a new nanny file in the C:\MercuryDiagnostics\Server1\nanny\windows\dat\nanny directory called server2.nanny
5. Copy the contents of the server.nanny file and paste into the server2.nanny file, changing all the paths to
6. Modify the properties files to use ports 2007 and port 2712 in the following files in Server2/etc:,, server.configuration

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