WebSphere MQ API Exit Sensor on distributed platforms

 a. Link the appropriate WebSphere MQ API Exit Sensor shared
 object/DLL for your environment (distributed platforms only).
 b. Add the required stanzas to the mqs.ini and qm.ini files.
 a. Linking the WebSphere MQ API Exit Sensor
 Because TransactionVision supports both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of
 WebSphere MQ, you must link to the correct shared object/DLL.
 For WebSphere MQ V5.3 and V6.0 (32-bit), use the following commands
 to link the Sensor:
 ln --s <TransactionVision Install Directory>/lib/tvisionapiexit
 ln --s <TransactionVision Install Directory>/lib/tvisionapiexit_r
 /var/mqm/exits/tvisionapiexit_r (not required for Solaris)
 For WebSphere MQ V6.0 (64-bit), use the following commands to link
 the Sensor:
 ln --s <TransactionVision Install Directory>/lib64/tvisionapiexit
 ln --s <TransactionVision Install Directory>/lib64/tvisionapiexit_r
 /var/mqm/exits64/tvisionapiexit_r (not required for Solaris)
 Ensure that the following stanza is in the qm.ini file:
 Note that if ExitsDefaultPath parameter value and/or ExitsDefaultPath64
 values of the ExitPath: stanza in qm.ini file are changed, you must
 change the directory name /var/mqm/exits and/or /var/mqm/exits64
 described in the link commands appropriately.
 b. Add the following stanza to the qm.ini

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