Replaying events for transaction classification

TV has a handy-dandy tool called "DeleteEvents.bat" located in the TV/bin directory. If you're using a raw jar file that contains TV events, then you can use the following technique to test transaction classification:

% DeleteEvents.bat -schema <schema_name> -o 1 min

(The above command will delete events from the schema that precede the last 1 minute)

  • Next step is to rename the jar file in the TV/log directory back to <schema>_raw_events.jar. If you've already used the jar file already for an import, then it'll be named something like: <schema>_raw_events.jar.processedXXXXX
    • The analyzer will re-read the jar file after a few minutes and the events will be re-imported automatically into the analyzer and re-classified appropriately

NOTE: You do not have to restart the analyzer or any of the processes in order to accomplish the above.

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