Tips & Tricks for the Installation and Configuration of TransactionVision under BSM 9

TV Agent Status Information


*sensorTrack will show you which technologies are being supported by the agent. For instance, if you're expecting but not seeing EJB's from the agent, hit this interface and scan down for the EJB section and see if it's enabled or disabled.

TV 9 agents will classify their runtime capabilities depending on the environment it is in. If it's a "tier 1 or tier 2" web/app server, it will have full functionality. If it is not in one of those environments, it will classify it as being in "stand alone' mode, and will disable things like EJB and Servlet reporting.

This is the flag to enable all the technologies on "unsupported" web platforms ... -Dtvagent.sysprop.switch.ignore.restrictions=true

WARNING: This will render your TV installation "unsupported" - and requires special dispensation from the HP powers that be. Support probably does not even know about this flag.

Agent-side jar creation

Will create a jar and log with the name you use (start=name)


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