Installation tips


  • Ensure that NO other conflicting program is being bootstrapped into the JVM with Diags/TV; especially Wily Introscope, ITCAM
  • Ensure that ALL probes have an explicit and unique 
  • Ensure that ALL probes start, and that you validate the port numbers upon start-up.
  • ALWAYS install a Diagnostics server for a TV installation, and use it as the sanity console : validate probe communications, application call flow, instrumentation, probe counts, probe status

B. POSSIBLE SIDE-EFFECTS : Failure to follow all BEST PRACTICES may lead to these conditions

  • Failure to remove -javaagent of -Xbootclasspath JVM arguments that load conflicting products. Our tool may start, the app may start, but there are countless unexpected side-effects of these conflicts.
  • Cutting-and-pasting JVM arguments, and starting more than one probe in the enterprise with non-unique's
  • Unstable app - unexplained crashes, excessive exceptions

C. OBSERVATIONS : Watch for these conditions and act accordingly

  • Probe starts with an unexpectedly high port number, such as 35002 when you only expect ONE or TWO probes on the server.
  • Probe count is higher than you expect in the Enterprise view.
  • Unexpected classes instrumented.
  • Unexpected server requests may be a result of:
    • either our server is receiving extraneous requests that are not part of our app/traffic,
    • another probe with a duplicate is running on another app
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