Pages and components are missing in MyBSM


All the pages in MyBSM (including components) and Service Health are missing.



 BSM version: 9.12

OS: Windows 2008 Server Enterprise R2



  1. On BSM Gateway server go to “..\HPBSM\conf\uimashup\import” folder.
  2. Move all XML files in the "loader" folder to the “toload” folder.
  3. Access the JMX console using the following URL:



  1. Search for the method boolean loadAllData() to load metadata and object’s instances (pages, components and wiring/event) from XML files.
  2. Enter customer id = 1 and press invoke.




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    STEP 1


    a. Backup HPBSM\conf\uimashup\import\loaded

    b. Copy HPBSM\conf\uimashup\import\loaded

    c. Paste to HPBSM\conf\uimashup\import\toload

    d. Go to the JMX console Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.

    e. Under foundation, click on service=UIMDataLoader

    f. Invoke the method: boolean loadAllData() with customerId 1


    If the above fails, the probably reasons for reloading pages fails:

    I. There is corruption in the UIM pages table - such as duplicated page name.

    II. HPBSM\conf\uimashup\import\loaded has two of the same file - delete duplicated files in the \conf\uimashup\import\loaded folder


    STEP 2:

    Use this as last option, because it will delete custom pages that you need to recreate them. If you do not have any custom pages nothing to worry.


    1. Backup \conf\uimashup\import\loaded

    1a. Remove duplicate entries in the \conf\uimashup\import\loaded folder

    1. Copy HPBSM\conf\uimashup\import\loaded

    2. Paste to HPBSM\conf\uimashup\import\toload

    4. Execute the following statement against the BSM Management database and save content of it:


     SELECT * from UIM_PAGES order by name


    1. Delete entire content of UIM_PAGES table with following command:


    _ _delete from UIM_PAGES


    6. Go to the GW JMX console.


    7. Under foundation, click on service=UIMDataLoader


    1. Execute function*  void start() - t*his function will load all UI Mashup metadata and data XML files on start and will upload all the out of box pages cleanly.


    However the above procedure will delete all the custom pages which are created, as a result of that any custom page that has been created by the customer needs to recreated.


    This will be a good start for any BSM pages corruption, if there is corruption in Events and Components we need the same thing for Events and Components.

    Finally, after these steps, if there is still an issue, there is probably a corruption in Database tables or missing Database permissions.



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    For Linux:

    Backup loaded folder:

    cp -r /opt/HP/BSM/conf/uimashup/import/loaded/ <backup location>

    Move files:

    mv /opt/HP/BSM/conf/uimashup/import/loaded/Components/*.* /opt/HP/BSM/conf/uimashup/import/toload/Components/
    mv /opt/HP/BSM/conf/uimashup/import/loaded/Pages/*.* /opt/HP/BSM/conf/uimashup/import/toload/Pages/
    mv /opt/HP/BSM/conf/uimashup/import/loaded/Events/*.* /opt/HP/BSM/conf/uimashup/import/toload/Events/

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