DDM for Siebel Tips

To setup DDM for siebel in BAC751, follow these instructions:

1. Locate the path of the driver tool (e.g. C:\hp\DDM\DiscoveryProbe\root\lib\collectors\probeManager\discoveryResources\siebel\<driver file name>

2. Go to the discovery probe startup script configuration file (e.g. C:\hp\DDM\DiscoveryProbe\scripts\install\conf\WrapperEnv.conf)

3. Open the file and go to the bottom and add the path of the driver tool to the following 3 sections:




4. Repeat this for any other classes you may have added.

5. The siebel_discovery.zip file that comes with BAC 7.5 and 7.51 has bugs in the jython script and it should be updated with the zip attached to this page.

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