Performance Center Failed to download scripts to Controller

Applies to:
Performance Center 12.53


Run test failed. Reason: Failed to download scripts to Controller


McAfee Software on these systems are detailed as followed. 
McAfee Agent: 
Endpoint Security Threat Prevention: 
Endpoint Security Platform:

• Added WLRun.exe to On-Access Scan Low Risk Process List policy 
1. Initially provided by the vendor, but this did not resolve the issue. 
2. Initial Performance test with this exclusion failed. 
 Added LTOPSvc.exe to On-Access Scan Low Risk Process List policy 
(LTOPSvc.exe located under “C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Performance Center Host\bin”) 
1. Once added to list, Testing was successful 
 Also specified which hosts to run, those results were successful 
2. Removed exclusion to verify if it was the cause 
 Once removed, tests began failing again. 
3. Re-Added exclusion and verified it to be the solution 
 Tested on specific hosts and results were successful 

Notes: The process LTOPSvc.exe would begin utilizing CPU when testing was immediately initialized, and via Task Manager I could see it Spike up initially, which led me to investigate that process and add it to the Low Risk List.

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